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I am aware that my cat is not human. If she does something strange that I can't understand it is because she is a cat and I am not. Most of the strange things she does make me happy. When I open the door and it is too cold she claws at the air as if to try and kill winter. I find it adorable every time and I am hopeful she might succeed. Yet some of the things she does make wonder if she has attention deficit disorder or obsessive compulsion. I know they treat pigs for depression so it is not as crazy as it sounds.

When I first got Moon Light she would ask to be let out in the rain. I would tell her it was raining but it was no use. When I finally opened the door, she would stare out sadly for a while and turn away. But then she would run to the back door and whine to be let out until I showed her that yes it was raining in the back yard too. She also did this the first time it snowed. It took a long time but finally she figured out that both doors lead to the same place. Except sometimes she will have to check both doors again. It is like she has forgotten or maybe she wants to check if it is still true.

Sometimes I would forget to put out food for her. I tried putting out more food but she doesn't like it when I fill her bowl to much. And then I came up with idea of putting out two bowls. And this seemed to work fine. Except... She has decided she likes the new bowl better. She was happy with her original bowl for over two years. But now when the new bowl is empty she will whine for food and won't eat until I dump the food from the old bowl into the new bowl.

I can try put this down to being a cat. But I have never had another cat that acted like her. Is my cat just weird?


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Perhaps birds are always better than planes!      Toy Plane 

Glad you enjoyed it Ivan...  :Holidays:    Please do keep on watching???
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Glad you asked. You simply pay money. randallstuartpeik my very first watcher mentioned how cheap it was to become a premium member. I was so sick of all the advertising that it seemed like a no brainer to me. I knew I wasn't going to hang around Deviant for a little while and become bored. So I saw that I would quickly save money buying two year packages rather than one year. I think there might have been a five year package too. But the price for Till hell freezes over would pay for itself in less than seven years. I think it was around $200 dollars but was definitely less than $500.
It might seem a little steep but I tend to think in terms of years of use. Which is why I rarely go broke. I believe the yearly package comes out to less than $5 a month and the Till Hell comes out to less than $2 a month.

Besides the no advertising you can upload bigger images and control your page better and make it look nicer. I am on a fixed income and have never regretted the money. Randall is also on a fixed income and never regrets his yearly fee. If you are planning on staying at deviant and can at all scrape the money together I recommend Premium membership. It is literally super super super cheap. Cents per day.
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