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Sunday, October 12th 2014.
Tomorrow we in Canada celebrate the harvest festival better known as Thanksgiving.
Which brings up a point that always fascinates me. You Americans don't know why we have our holiday a month and a half early. I have seen not only perplexity but true genuine anger from Americans upset that Canadians don't hold Thanksgiving on the same day. It is as if it denotes some sort of satanic communist evil that our days off don't match. At very least most of you believe us to be slightly addled or 'funny' in the head. How can we enjoy what is obviously the wrong day?

When I am greeted with this I always reply in amazement. "You do know that thanksgiving is a Harvest festival right?"
I see They still don't understand
"You know that we are further north right?"
Still the blank stare and possibly further anger.
"Up north, Autumn comes sooner."
At this point I could just come out and say it but instead I just walk away.
But rest assured, those of you who still don't get it, I do NOT think you are an idiot incapable of rational thought and reason.
I will end with one final note.
Yes we do celebrate Thanksgiving six weeks before you, but six weeks earlier is exactly the same time as you celebrate.


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